A mystery

It’s a very interesting game, this game we’re playing every day. A girl will never know exactly what she wants, but sometimes what she needs screams inside her, but just inside, unfortunately.

 She’ll always be moved by a flower you give her out of nowhere, without a reason, without a particular day coming. That’s what she will want, but what she needs is far away from that tiny attention.

If we’re talking about the girls who are interesting in your possessions, please stop right there and exit this. I’m not talking about what you call “gold diggers” I’m interesting in that kind of girl you have the guts to present your mother; that brat who’s going to reach every nerve of yours because she’s interesting in what you do. I’m talking about the girl who needs your time and affection not that fancy new restaurant you know you can’t afford.

 It’s true. You know and you’re right. Girls are extremely hard to understand and distinguish. For them however, is extremely easy to see what the other one wants and why you, as a boy, are choosing the wrong one. Weird isn’t it?

You’ll always be impressed by that sexy girl, who’s wearing make-up and is popular and always smiles at you, you’ll always want her, just for fun or you’ll fall for her without knowing the game she just won.

You’ll always be impressed by her aura, by her femininity, that elegant walk, the mystery she’s drowing in, the fact that she’s smart and funny, she plays with you, she smiles she talks with you. That’s a girl who can have all she wants, but… have you ever bother asking what she needs?

Seeing a girl like this, which is, by the way, everywhere because every girl out there has one or two of these qualities, is seeing exactly what she wants too and you’re perfect in this. You know what to buy her, when to touch her and how. But don’t be surprised when she’ll look at you and her shining eyes won’t be there anymore.

Every boy out there is happy when he sees his girl smile, when he knows he’s the reason she’s smiling, but what will he do when she’s not there anymore, with that happy face and shining eyes looking at him like she sees the one she’s been searching for up until the day you came to her? What will you do when she loses interest in you?

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