Sweet words, dreadful lies

Charming, sweet, kind, tall, adorable -> Ideal. Warm hands, cute smile, beautiful eyes, messy hair, deep voice -> Ireal. What are your thoughts on this? Who were you picturing in your head just by reading the first two or three words?

Is scary, isn’t it? This exercise you just made and saw him already. Who is he? What is he to you? What kind of power does you heart hold to recognise him after so little things I said?

This could be state like another mystery you’ve been caught in. You can’t see it. No, you’re not above it, you’re deep in it, drowning.

Weird; you enjoy it.

You enjoy every single moment spend there in those strong arms. Smelling his perfume, falling asleep on his chest, feeling his breath; holding you, protecting you, loving you.

“He”, personal┬ápronoun, why does it have such a terrifying meaning? It’s not supposed to scary you. Probably only the words he’ll say along the way. Always the words he says along the way. Those are the little bullets he uses to make you feel it. To feel, he’s there.

What do you feel?

Fear, desire, anger, love, a warm touch, a cold heart and a lot of cigarette smoke. Dreadful.

Have you ever been caught in a situation when he’s drowning you in that deep smoke from his cigarettes? Blowing the smoke your direction? With you not being able to tear that profound eye contact in which a huge amount of magic lays that makes you wanna strangle and kiss him in the same time?

A woman is able to murder a man just by one warm look, but a man… a man will sufocate her with a quick tiny smile he’ll drawing from one of his mouths corners.



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