Live, write, sing, draw

You know that moment when someone says that “the best is yet to come”? because you’re young, you’re little, you’re at the beginning of your journey… But what if, the fact that you’re young and you didn’t achive anything yet scares you because you don’t know when your life might end. It could be tomorrow or eighty years from now? What’s that “best” they’re talking about?

“You’re young, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”; “You don’t have to think like that, you need to be positive and enjoy life.”

Please, tell that to an ill child imobilised in a hospital bed.

Make every day count! And if you feel you’re exhausted, just take a moment and relax, enjoy silance. Close your eyes and meditate, go outside all by yourself and watch that pure, clean sky above you. Be there, be present,  but make a difference.

Be caught above everyone!

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