Glitter and shadows

There are many people trying to make a living out of dreaming, being lucky, smiling, having long conversations, meeting new people… living basically.

I’m watching them and I envy them. They’re happy, positive, shining out of nothing, beauty it’s coming out when they smile. They have a brilliant life.

They have a brilliant life…

I wanna write down every thought i have when it’s dark outside and I can’t sleep.

I wanna write down every thought i have while walking down a boulevard where people are too damn busy to look at each other.

I wanna write down the emptiness people feel when all they do in a train or on the bus is watching their phone screen.

I wanna write down every word and feeling i thing about or is shivering down my spine when i don’t wanna see or hear anything.

I wanna be able to talk smoothly with someone and be happy by the end of the day.

I wanna write my life, my impressions and critics for the world.

I wanna… live.

I like watching people and observing their reactions, conversations, mimics, when they are too busy doing what they think it’s important for them. Just watch them. Don’t talk, don’t do anything, just look at them.

I love that.

They’re my little experiment. They are the main subjects in my life. Not me, but them.

Marvelous creatures.

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